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 The following services are offered to our members.
Share / Savings Account
Each member must have a Share Account. Minimum deposit $5.00

Share Draft / Checking Account
No per cleared check charge and 24/7 Home Banking.

Visa Debit Card
Another great new service for you convenience.

Christmas Shares Account
For those members wanting to save for next Christmas.

Kids Club
To help young members under the age of 18 learn to save. Interest earned from day one.

Certificates of Deposit
Terms of 6 months or 12 months. Minimum amount of $1,000.

  * All our services, rates and fees listed on this website are subject to change and current     policy applies.

 What is the Debit Card?

The debit card is a payment card enhanced with the Visa Brand mark that accesses a member's  checking account. It combines all the uses of a standard ATM card, withdrawal of cash, with the added convenience of shopping at over 19 million merchant locations worldwide -wherever Visa is accepted!

What are the benefits of having a Debit Card?
The debit card saves time by offering a convenient way to pay without using a check or cash.

1. Purchases are automatically deducted from the cardholder's checking account and appear on your monthly statement.
2. It is safer than cash and smaller than a checkbook.
3. It is accepted wherever you see the Visa logo.
4. It offers "Zero Liability" for unauthorized transactions.
5. It can be used to pay recurring bills.

Once I receive my Debit Card, should I throw away my checks?
You can still use your checks, although once you experience the ease and convenience of using a debit card, you will probably use fewer checks.

By using my Debit Card for all purchases and payments, does this mean they will be billed to my account and I won't have to pay them until the end of the month?
No. Every time you present your debit card for a purchase or to pay a bill, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your account after the transaction is completed. As with a check, you should assume that once the purchase is made, the funds are no longer available. You will receive a detailed listing of purchases along with deposits, transfers, checks paid and ATM transactions on your regular monthly account statement.

What happens if I try to make a purchase and the total amount is more than the balance available in my account?
In most cases, the purchase will not be authorized if there are not enough funds to cover the purchase amount.

Resolving merchant disputes.

You should always attempt to resolve disputes with the merchant directly. If you are unsuccessful, then you must write a letter in which you include your debit card number, the merchant's name, the transaction amount and date. Give a brief description of the problem. Be sure to sign the letter and include a day time phone number. Mail to Card Services, Dispute Department, P. O. Box 3080, Tallahassee, Fl. 32301 or fax to (877) 324 2478.

Do I have to use a PIN number when I make a purchase?
No. That is the best part of a debit card. You don't have to remember a PIN number. When given the option to select "debit" or "credit" choose "credit".  By selecting credit, you sign the sales slip.

Jax Glidco Employees Federal Credit Union Debit Card tips:

1. The maximum number of times you may use your debit card in a day is 9 times.
2. The maximum dollar amount you may use each day is $1500.
3. Most ATMs have a maximum transaction withdrawal of $300 to $400. Example: if you want to get $500, you would have to do two separate transactions.

How you can use your Debit Card safely:
While most people exercise good judgment using their debit cards, others may need to be reminded of basic security.

1. Never lend your debit card to anyone.
2. Memorize your PIN number and never give it to anyone.
3. Never write your PIN number on your debit card or on anything in your wallet or purse.
4. Always make sure transaction amounts are correct.
5. Always use ATMs in well-lit areas.
6. Protect your debit card from damage by keeping the card away from magnetic objects, excessive heat and objects that scratch.

To report your card lost or stolen:
During normal business hours (9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday) call our office at 904-924-2755. After hours, weekends and holidays call: In US 1-800-991 4961 Outside US call collect: 1-608-836-2613.

Fee Schedule
as of 11/30/2015
Account Print Out $1.00
Checks Printed check with office
Debit Card $3.00 per mo
Inactive Account $10.00 per mo
Draft Photocopy $2.50
Extended Overdraft $10/3 days
Fed-Ex $12.00
Least Amount for Loan $25.00
Loan Application Fee $35.00
Loan Late Fee $25.00
Manual Transfer of Funds** $5.00**
Open New Share Account $5.00
Return of Deposited Item $10.00
Share Draft Account NSF $35.00
Share Draft Monthly Fee $2.00 per mo
Stop Payment $30.00
Replacement Debit Card $10.00
Please contact credit union for additional fees or refer to newsletter for updates.

**Same account number transfer / Per Reg D / First 3 free

Special requested services are subject to change. The fee will be based on the length of time and the type of work needed.



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