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Rate Information

(see terms and conditions at bottom of page)

1All rates are based on an evaluation of the applicant's individual credit history. Your actual rate may vary. All loan rates and terms are subject to conditions and credit approval. All rates are fixed and subject to change by vote of the Board of Directors. 

*Rates reflect .5% reduction for payroll deduction. If payroll not used, please add .5% to the above rates.
Currently used vehicle loans based on retail NADA value. Offer good on new loans and re-financed loans from other institutions only.

**APR refers to the annual percentage rate or the dividend rate.  APY refers to the annual percentage yield.

2Minimum deposit required $1000. Certificates are fixed rates. We have the right to limit deposits.

Members should call the credit union to verify rates.
Contact your credit union to find out if there are any fees on these accounts that could reduce your earnings.

Also, as a reminder how you handle you credit helps lenders, employers, landlords, and insurers make decisions whether to lend you money, hire you, rent to you or insure you. Because of recent increases in identity theft and credit fraud it is important to check your credit reports for unexplainable transactions that are not yours.

The cost of a credit report can vary by your location and the service requested. If by chance you have been turned down for credit, job, insurance, or rental within the last 60 days because of information contained on your credit report you are given one free report.

To order your report contact one of the following:
Trans Union800-888-4213www.transunion.com

If you find wrong or incomplete information in your report, you will be given information on how to request a correction. Be patient and re-check.

Only after you give a written release can information be given to your employer or prospective employer. This information will not include your account numbers.

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